30 Amazing Technology facts You Should Know | March 2019

Top 30 Amazing Technology facts You Should Know

Hi friends, In this post, you will find some interesting technology facts that you should know in 2019.

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There are many facts in the world that you will never have heard about. Like Apple, Google and HP, there are three such organizations that initially began in the carport.

30 Amazing Technology facts You Should Know

Top 30 Amazing Technology facts You Should Know

1.More people have their own mobile than many people in the world who have their own Toothbrush.

2. 90% Text Message is read within 3 minutes of being delievered.

3. Ebay sells every second $ 680.

4. HTC’s dream was to create the first Android phone.

5. Out of 10 million Spam mail, only one person replies (Spammer earns a lot of money.

6. Spam creates so much energy by producing 17 million tonnes of CO2 that 24 lakh houses have electricity for 1 year.

7. Over 2 billion TVs have been used so far.

8. 20% of all YouTube videos are related to music.

9. Cabir.A was the first cell phone virus found in 2004.

10. After 2008 video games were sold for DVDs, not before.

Top 30 Amazing Technology facts You Should Know

11. A search made on Google produces so many Co2 that any items kept in the kettle can be boiled.

12. 91% of people keep their mobile all day away so that they can reach their hands.

13. Everyday 500 Apps are edited in the Windows Phone Store.

14. Amazon is actually a company selling printed book but today we see, more than it sells e-books.

15. Claude Shannon, who is called the “Information Theory” patriarch, invented the “Digital Circuit”. He did this during taking master degree when he was 21 years old. With this help we can access anything on the internet today.

16. The first banner ads on any website were shown in 1994.

17. Do you know that E-mail came before the World Wide Web came in.

18. Do you know that another name for microsoft windows tutorial is Crash Course.

19. Before September 14, 1995, Domain Free was available. (If I were that timeline online then India.com, Hindi.com, Sex.com register) What do you register? Comment on the comment.

20. Symbolics.com is the oldest and oldest domain that completed its 28th year on 15th March, 2013.

Top 30 Amazing Technology facts You Should Know

21. Mosaic, the first Web Browser that was a huge hit, it was released in 1993.

22. 22 million tons of computers are trashed every year in the US.

23. We may blink 20 times in one minute, but if we have a computer in front, then only we can blink twice.

24. Google uses 15 billion kWh of electricity every year, which is more than many countries.

25. The word “World Wide Web” (WWW) was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990.

26. To reach 5 million people, Radio takes 38 years, TV gets 13 years, and Internet takes just 4 years.

27. 80 million Americans only use mobile to run the internet and not to make calls.

Top 30 Amazing Technology facts You Should Know

28. Google claims 96.1% of all search in the EU+UK

29. Google now claims 93.4% of all USA searches.

30. Google first name was “BackRub”.

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