What is Cloud Computing With Example

Are you looking for What is Cloud Computing with example?  Then you are in the right place. In this, you will know all about Cloud Computing in Full detail. Also a detail explanation about Cloud Computing Services. With Cloud Computing Example. Hope you will get all knowledge of this post of What is Cloud Computing With Example.


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What is Cloud Computing With Example?

Cloud Computing is a technology that helps in computing, data access, data store, and everything on the network. Hard drive and motherboard are not required to work on cloud-based computer systems, and there is no threat to computer viruses. Cloud computing means not to store your data, software or programs on your computer’s local drive, or if they are stored on the Internet or accessed from the Internet, then it is called cloud computing.

Cloud computing means not to store your data, software or programs on your computer’s local drive, or if they are stored on the Internet or accessed from the Internet, then it is called cloud computing. Cloud is the only and only phrase that is being used for the Internet. Thus, it is an internet based computing which provides shared computer processing resources and data on computers and other devices on demand.


Cloud Computing Example:-

In cloud computing, you can insert all kinds of data and view that data whenever you want with your computer, tab, mobile. Simply put, the first software that you had stored locally on your computer, laptops will not be needed anymore because now all these software will be available through web services.

So if you are at home or on the other side or if you are traveling, you can access resources stored on the internet cloud from anywhere with internet help. For any individual user cloud computing means or use can be completely different from enterprise use.

For any individual user, cloud computing can mean limited access to information by simply browsing the information online or accessing more than just some online program for its personal work, but if it is an enterprise use, From online storage to program execution, they can be increased from processing their resources to further processing data processing. Hope it is the proper example according to this article What is Cloud Computing With Example.



Types of cloud Cloud Services:-

Mostly cloud service comes in three categories which are as follows.

  1. Platform as a Service            (PaaS)                                                                                                                                  
  2. Software as a Service            (SaaS)                                                                                                                                     
  3. Infrastructure as a Service     (IaaS)

They are also called stack of cloud computing.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud Computing Server provides an easy way to access a comprehensive set of storage, database and Internet services. Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is a Cloud services platform. It takes all the necessary hardware and applications available at its own expense.

It connects to a high-speed Internet and manufactures all the hardware and necessary applications. Any user can publish server, database, application, websites etc. And pays the fixed fee for it. Cloud computing service is fast and easy to manage.



Significant changes in the world from cloud computing:-

If we go into the history of cloud computing, we will find that cloud computing is developed from the concept of web-based email. Because e-mail servers also keep all of your mail account information on your network and it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

But it is different from today’s cloud computing. As information technology grew in the field, information technology companies, who stepped into the field of cloud computing, started providing users the convenience of placing their entire data on online servers rather than small space.


  1. The biggest change from this feature has been seen in the form of a laptop called Ultron, which did not have a hard disk. This laptop contains CD / DVD. A writer was also not needed because the data has to be accessed from the cloud.
  2. This also reduced the consumption of electricity and also increased battery life. The use of cloud computing has changed the picture of companies that do all their work online. Because of its use, he has got freedom from making long-term IT division, due to which his expenses have been tremendous.
  3. Companies that make software using cloud computing also have a lot of flexibility. Here we can understand with the help of a liberal such as you run a software company and you have an office in India and the second office is in another country and the third is in another country.

For Example:-

Suppose that you have to test the software created by your company on a variety of operating systems and platforms, in such a situation, you can use the Microsoft company’sMicrosoft’s Azure” cloud service to perform all kinds of operating on the virtual machines available on the cloud You can test your software in the system and environment.

You can also see the benefits from this that you do not want to buy any computer, nor any software or storage problem or any other technical bottleneck. This will be Microsoft’s offering you cloud services and your software engineer will be able to get all the types of the environment in the cloud directly from the cloud. In today’s time, this model is being used in quite a number of companies.

Due to all these features, cloud computing has not only changed the way the software company, web-based company, government department and individual working methods but has made it easier and easier.



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